Work Experience

A week ago, we had Charlie – a year-10 student at a local school – do his work experience with us. He focused mainly on working with the maintenance team, but when we asked if he wanted to add to our social media and write a blog about his experiences, he agreed. All the views expressed below are Charlie’s – unedited.

From my perspective as a year 10 student on work experience, I have lots to comment about whilst working at Chelston Gardens. I can state from the get-go, that Chelston Gardens is an excellent location to do work experience. There are multiple jobs and areas of work to be taken up; the versatility is brilliant for a student unsure on what they would like to do for work experience and even for adults who are looking for jobs. There’s plenty to do. Personally, I chose the maintenance route. This mainly included gardening for me, but I also partook in some painting – and had the tedious experience of filling out the dreaded audits! However due to the neat and sharp organisation, it did not take as long as expected. 

Working in the garden was a very pleasant area of work. It seems impossible to run out of things to do because the jobs are plotted around ubiquitously. You can really use your imagination in the garden. By this I mean, if you see something in the garden that you think needs changing, you can edit it to your preference. Although you may think that the work may seem more like labour, these assumptions would be false. It is much more relaxing and peaceful than you would think; the pleasant weather just adds to the plethora of reasons why the garden is a nice place to work.

When not in the garden, I spent my time in the maintenance ‘office’ – which is really just a shed, but it sounds more professional to call it an office. So, in the ‘office’, I had the pleasure of getting served coffees on call (made almost to perfection), suffering from the heat as the only air conditioning available is a fan – that seems to struggle at its job – but most importantly I got to listen to only the most idiosyncratic of conspiracy theories being shared. Truly an honour to hear thoughts about the Earths shape, who built the pyramids and the apparent staging of the moon landing. This is for sure where I got my ‘experience’ from the words ‘work experience’.

If you would like to do work experience with us, or if you are intetrested in a more permanent contract, contact us via email –, phone us on 01823 667066, or apply here.