Sensory Rooms for Dementia

We are fortunate to have fantastic staff at Chelston Gardens and when Danny, one of our activities coordinators, found some extra room in the budget, he came up with a creative use for it. Instead of spending the windfall on something passing – like more visiting musicians or a party – he decided to create a space that residents could enjoy for years to come.

Sensory rooms are places where people living with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia can safely explore and stimulate their senses. Rooms may include everyday objects, textiles, soft or coloured lighting, familiar things to smell and taste, and music or visual arts. Depending on the need of the individual, the space can be stimulating or relaxing.

Danny designed our room around an underwater theme. The space includes soft cushions, props and coloured lighting to create a calming, yet engaging, atmosphere (see images below).

The results have been positive. The room, which did serve as a lesser-used sitting room, has now taken on a therapeutic role – carers report that a few minutes in the room calms and relaxes people.

Due to the success of the room we have decided to dedicate another space to the same purpose. In fact, Danny just ordered the wallpaper. Realising the aquatic motif isn’t to everyone’s taste, this time we’re going with a woodland theme.

Over the coming months, pop back to the News Feed to see how the new room progresses. Building on the experience we’ve had decorating two rooms, we’ll also put up a guide on how to make a sensory room suitable for dementia.

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